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Industry puts focus in itself - Two forthcoming Bengali movies take a look at the life and dreams of actors and their struggle  
Versatile Arjun Returns to Hindi Soaps  
Arjun Chakraborty accompanied by his wife Nilanjana at a unique pottery boutique in the city.  
Joy shared is joy doubled  
We Don't Take Each Other For Granted  
Arjun Chakraborty, Dona Ganguly, Sourav Ganguly and Nilanjana at the party at London pub.  
Actor Arjun Chakraborty is recording a solo music album, which has been written and composed by singer Swagatalakshmi Dasgupta  
Actor Arjun Chakraborty and his wife Nilanjana share an undeniable chemistry  
Arjun and Nilanjana Chakraborty with Rita Bhimani at the GoodLife Talk Show on sunday  
What does Kolkata's hot couple feel about Jamai Shasti?  
Sourav Ganguly launched Arjun Chakraborty's debut album with Swagatalakshmi Dasgupta  
Arjun Nilanjana - Made for Each other  


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