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I know Arjun chakraborty since 1985. Apart from being an outstanding actor, he has some other qualities also like he is a very good singer. In fact, I trained him in Rabindra Sangeet and I was quite surprised with his ability to remember and the power of presentation. He is a good player and orator. He has done an album ‘Mon Chai’ with my lyrics and music, and we did two Rabindra Sangeet albums together. In short, Arjun Chakraborty is a complete God Gifted talent.


I know Arjun since the last 17 years…. He is like my brother. He is a great human being, very much dynamic and sincere to his work. In fact, his directorial debut film, Tollylights is based on a novel by myself, Rongin Prithibi. He has made an excellent film and his transformation of the novel in cinematic language is quite admirable.


Arjun da is a fantastic actor and very good human being. I have done lots of films with him and I feel he is an even better director than an actor.


This was my first film. Naturally I was like a blank paper. Arjun da, being an actor turned director, knew the technical aspects very well and explained that in an outstanding way. He was completely an actor’s director. It was a delight for me to work with Arjun da.


I know him since our first film together – Aghatan Aaj o Ghote. Since then he had a crave for direction. I am really very happy to find that his dream has come true and that also with such a matured venture.


Arjun is a good actor… he thinks about acting very minutely. He has all the essential qualities to be a good actor. As a human being, he is very much homely, gentle and close to the heart. He is a good singer also.


Arjun acted excellently in my film ‘Kari Diye Kinlam’. He is a matured actor and it seemed that nobody could portray the character in such a great way like he did.



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